Macrame Plant Hanger | C U oN Tuesday
Macrame Plant Hanger | C U oN Tuesday
Macrame Plant Hanger | C U oN Tuesday

Macrame Plant Hanger | C U Next Tuesday

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Cursing is a good way to be bad; it’s mostly harmless and signals authenticity to listeners. For the linguistically bold, vulgarity is just one element of a rich vocabulary, a spice for speech, if you will. Yet even those who curse like sailors tend to shirk the word “C U Next Tuesday.”

I think we can all agree that this word carries power, and since language is all about context, it may offend or empower you - and that is up to you. Regardless, this macrame plant hanger will make a powerful statement in any room, and will work like a charm to piss off most in-laws.


  • Measures approximately 32 inches [81cm] long x 13 inches [33cm] wide, including wood.
  • The plant pot is not included, but measure approximately 7.5 inches [19 cm] across for your reference.
  • When hanging a wall mount plant hanger, make sure that the wall/nail is capable of supporting the weight of the piece.
  • Can be made with any colour I currently have in stock - click  here to see availability; please specify your choice[s] in the comments when placing your order.
  • This piece is MADE-TO-ORDER, so please expect 14-21 days for delivery.

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