Macrame Wall Tapestry | Whiskey Tango Foxtrot | WTF

Macrame Wall Tapestry | Whiskey Tango Foxtrot | WTF

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There’s a new, albeit subliminal, fucrame on the scene and this one is the Foxtrot Sierra. Incognito swears are sometimes necessary, for example, if you're on a military radio channel and witness a Charlie Foxtrot (cluster fuck), or are Lima Lima Mike Foxtrot (lost like a motherfucker), or even if you come across a person who is Sierra Hotel (Shit Hot).

The phonetic alphabet, otherwise known as the spelling alphabet, is comprised of 26 words that are acrophonically assigned to the letters of the english alphabet, so the names for letters and numbers would be distinct enough to be easily understood by those who exchanged voice messages by radio or telephone. I like to think of this as a ‘how to swear in public without offending’ kinda situation, so I’m all over it.

This work is made with 100% recycled cotton rope.


  • Measures approximately 22 inches [56 cm] wide x 22 inches [56 cm] long.
  • Can be made with any colour I currently have in stock - click here to see my entire colour palette, and please specify your choice[s] in the notes when placing your order.
  • Hung with two nails in the notch on the back of the wood mount.
  • This piece is MADE-TO-ORDER, so please expect 21-28 days for delivery.